International Alternators was founded in 2005. We work out of a machine shop and have recently expanded into a second warehouse. Our business is growing faster than ever. Our goal is to someday have an industrial size factory running at full capacity serving the needs of America the best we can.

    Here at International Alternators we treat our customers with respect and equality. We aim to acquire the best quality for the fairest prices. We take great care in our reconstruction of both alternators and starters are more that a job, they are our careers.

    Our employees have received professional training by experts at companies like OCA and BBB. We employ only the most tactful and resourceful people at International Alternators. Nothing is more important to us that quality. We create products that equal and more often that not, exceed expectations from the original manufactures. We invite new customers to contact us with any questions. We’ll be glad to answer.

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We begin with salvaged alternators and starters. When we first receive the used alternators and starters they are often damaged and dirty. We have to disassemble each one in order to clean it and remove any damaged parts.

Piece by piece they are rebuilt using only the best materials.

Heavy Duty

We reconstruct heavy duty alternators and starters to be used in forklifts, big rigs, semi truck, tractors and industrial factory equipment. They undergo the same process as the regular alternators and starters. Please send us and email concerning any heavy duty part. We have an extensive list of heavy duty alternators and starters and are willing to find the right one for you.

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Rust and lime deposits are removed using sand paper and by having them go through the sandblasting process. Oil, dirt and grease are often removed by hand to ensure quality and performance. Broken and damaged parts are replaced with new ones. The alternators and starters are then reassembled and packaged ready to be shipped.

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